The Rabbit and the Owl

I have been looking at a few games that I might want to make demos for, and would like to write about one that particularly caught my attention: The Rabbit and the Owl by developer Formal Sheep. The game was published on Steam Greenlight on the 11th of March, and crossed into the top 100 within 48 hours.

The game is set to be released in 2017, and the developers describe it as “[…] a single-player puzzle-platformer which introduces an interdependent 2×2-dimensional landscape. These two characters exist in a world in which a window for one is simultaneously a barrier for the other. You must help the Rabbit and the Owl navigate through the positive and negative spaces of mind-bending puzzles to discover the secrets of the strange land that they are a part of”.

The game already has two composers, David Huff and Patrick Neff, and judging from the announment trailer (below), they will compose some great and well fitting music for this game.


Announcement trailer:



Posts about some of the other games I have looked at will follow in the next few days.



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